ImageLadies and gentlemen, it is with deep regret and a long face that I stand before you this fateful day. I am sorry to be the poll-bearer of sad news, and believe you me; it pains me to the deepest point of my spirit.


The world’s procreation industry has gone on overdrive. Assclowns are fornicating left right and centre; bringing forth a multitude of progeny with flawed genetics. As a result, overpopulation is hell bent on decimating all of us. The planet is filling up really quickly and if we continue in the same vein, some of us will have to migrate to Jupiter.


Let me trace the genesis of this population pressure for you. But before I do that, I want you to recall an incident which was reported the other day by the media. I have been to Mt. Elgon once, and I can attest that the slopes are highly fertile. However, recent news from the region indicates that soil is not the only fertile thing. Their children are fecund too- they have adopted a hobby of playing sex from as early as five years. How else can you explain the highly discombobulating factoid that at least 18 girls are always pregnant at a particular time in every school? Asinine, asinine, asinine!


When exactly did the rain start beating us? I spoke to my grandpa some time back, and this is what the erudite old man had to say: “In our days, sex was something sacred, so sacrosanct that kids never even knew a thing about it. I myself didn’t have sex until three years into my marriage. And even then, it was purely unintentional. I just rolled and found myself in an inappropriate position.”


The old man continues, “But this generation of today; you are all going to hell in a hand basket. You hump each other like a bunch of mongrel dogs in perpetual heat and then boast about it on Facebook and Twitter.”


My old man is right. The whole notion of abstinence has been shot to hell. I mean, just try to juxtapose the situation during my grandpa’s time with how it is nowadays and you’ll bear me witness that we’re on the highway to damnation. All that the youth of today know to do is to party, drink and get laid.


On Saturdays, they team up with their rascally sex-loving college-mates and attend asinine jamborees with riddim music, drugs and sexual language. And on Sundays, instead of taking their crap to church, they’d rather sleep in, disrespect God, and have sex. I tell you, it’s a sad state of affairs.


However, my bone of contention does not have anything to do with fornication. Rather, my issue is with the unplanned pregnancies. It seems every college girls’ bucket-list contains ‘get a kid before am done with school’ as the first item. They end up filling the planet with miscreants bearing their flawed genetics. As a result of this overpopulation, global warming and earthquakes are on the increase.


The government has then made the situation worse by promising free laptops to class one entrants; not to mention the free maternity. Methinks when the government will decide to divert cash for the laptops to pay striking teachers that is when young people will back down in their eagerness to produce young ones.


America is feeling the pressure too. Their president was around the other day, preaching about gay rights all over the continent. In his speeches, I happened to smell a rat- a very rotten rat. You don’t have to be from the Rodent Control Department to know there’s a dead animal in the neighborhood.


Now, I do respect the LGBT community and I think they should be granted equal rights, but I don’t think Obama’s concern is genuine. Obama is a sly guy. He knows that by advocating for gay rights, more gay marriages will be conducted. And unlike heterosexual unions, gay unions do not bring forth offspring. By heeding Obama’s call, the population all over Africa will reduce drastically. Told you Obama is a genius; didn’t I? Read between the lines guys.


I also have a few golden suggestions on how to effectively tackle this issue of family planning. And no, I am going to suggest condoms. Adverts are all over urging the young people ‘waweke condom mpangoni,’ and it has all fallen on deaf ears. The youth of today love to do it dry fry. They’re ever in a hurry to contract the latest version of VD, which is not bad because it helps keep the population in check.


President Kenyatta (Yea, the President reads my blog), how about cobbling a Ministry for Procreation Affairs to help hamstring this unbridled breeding? You see, the reason why the Chinese manufacture everything in this world is because they don’t waste an ounce of their energy in asinine propagation. In China, you’ve got only one chance to have a baby and once you blow it, it’s gone! Forever! You’ll never get to have another kid ever again! Try to be chowderheaded and make an extra baby; the authorities there will incarcerate you and you will curse the day you were conceived. That’s why China is almost overtaking the US as the superpower. How about we introduce that system in Kenya?


I was also going to suggest that all the youth ought to be neutered, but I figured that would be quite extreme. Nevertheless, I have however invented my own system of curbing the excessive population growth. Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to unveil to you the UN accredited Jowal Jones Model of Procreation Control, a model that is fully approved by the Kenya Bureau of Standards.

Under this model, Procreation Centers are to be set in every county. Once kids are sexually active, they should be taken to these centers and have their tubes tied. The tubes should only be opened after marriage, and by production of an untying certificate from the Ministry of Procreation Affairs. This will not only put a moratorium to asinine breeding, but it will also change matrimony from being a process of tying the knot, and will henceforth be referred to as ‘untying the knot.’ How many claps for my genius proposal?

Lukorito Jones

When I'm not busy chasing around stories for my quasi-journalism career, you'll find me dabbling in fiction and perfecting my deer-dancing and goat-screaming skills.


  1. *claps*

  2. Untying the knot:->…tricky situation. Will curb pregnancies but my oh my the prevalence of veneral diseases will blow off the ceiling.

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    gr8rt dia

  4. hehe genius ##claps

  5. haha!!!! your conclusion is hilarious….
    Great piece like always

  6. hahaaha…untying the knot? amazing concept… i didn’t just clap; gave jowaljones a standing ovation. he never disappoints!
    i was having one of those talks with my sisters the other day, and i couldn’t help pointing out that when were small the gospel was ‘chill’… now i look right, left and center and all i see are condom adverts… kinda hard to resist a mouth- watering chunk o’meat when someone’s dangling it right in front of you… (that’s assuming one’s not a vegan…). the ads, if you ask me, are only encouraging it…

    • Standing ovation? Wow!! *bows* These young people are very asinine, they won’t chill and soon; they’ll discover that they don’t use condoms too. Mine would be the next best option.

      Snippets of my Mind wrote:

  7. *clap clap*…wow wat a masterpiece…

  8. *clap clap*…wow wat a masterpiece

  9. crazy idea! only that nt many wld confess being sexually active.n about Obama u r a genius 🙂

  10. untyng the knot…ha ha good stuff..#grt thinking#

  11. u deserve a clap pal.


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