MY First Post

Hi, My name is Jones, by the way. i have always kept diaries since my days in High school, and writing is my passion. Now i have finally decided to open a blog, Snippets of my life. On this blog, i plan to post almost everything that happens in my day to day life. it will be a form of a private journal, but i invite you guys out there to read it and submit your comments. i actually don’t know what to post today, the first day i am posting. but i hope as days go by, my journal will become more interesting and through it, i will make friends with lots of guys from around the globe. i know no one is reading this, but thanks all the same for visiting my blog. hope you will visit again soon.

Lukorito Jones

Lukorito Jones is a columnist and correspondent with Kenya's leading newspaper, Daily Nation. He also dabbles in fiction works at times, hoping to be the next Stephen King. Sometimes he takes time out from writing to perfect his deer-dancing and goat-screaming skills.

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