ImageSeveral years back, my brother and I used to attend different boarding schools. A day before the opening date, father would ask us to write a shopping list of things we needed for the school term. He would then travel to the nearby town and buy for us the items in our shopping lists.

My brother and I would make the most frugal of shopping lists. We would only list the basic essentials like toiletries and stationery. We saw no need of including luxuries like a huge box of biscuits, gallons of juice, etcetera. “Dad can’t afford to buy all those,” we’d say.

Sometimes later, a cousin of ours came to stay with us and later on enrolled in a boarding secondary school. A day before the opening date, we all made our shopping lists as it was the tradition. The boys’ lists were thrifty and economical, containing only the essentials. But my cousin’s list was the complete opposite. She had included every luxury a student in a boarding school could imagine. “You think dad will be able to buy you all these?” We chided her. “Save yourself from the disappointment and just duplicate our list,” I’d taunted. My cousin paid us no mind.

That evening when my dad came back from town, we were astounded. While dad had brought us the economical shopping he’d always bought for us, our cousin’s shopping bag was full to the brim with goodies of all sorts. My brother and I were up in arms. “Dad, you have never bought us these luxuries and now today you just decide to shower her with all these?”

“Look here sons,” dad begun to explain his actions. “I have always asked you to write a shopping list and I have always bought what you told me you needed. Today was no different!”

Many Christians today have behaviour akin to what my brother and I had. We often underestimate God’s power and end up asking for the bare minimum. We lack faith to see that our God is a God of abundance, a God who can grant us the kingdom if only we are brave enough to ask it of him (Psalms 2:8). Are there any limits to what God can grant us? Absolutely not! We are unlimited beings, we have no ceiling.

The only thing that limits God is our faith. Mathew 9:29 says “According to your faith, it shall be done unto you.” If you have never believed that you will become a millionaire, you most likely will die poor. If you don’t believe that God is capable of healing you from that terminal cancer, you will probably succumb to the malady. Do you know why you don’t own a private jet yet? It’s because you haven’t asked God for it yet.

Most often we only ask God to help us get by. What we don’t know is that God can do much more for us than just help us get by; if only we asked Him for more. It is okay to ask God to help you pay your rent, but do you know you can also ask the same God to help you get a place of your own? We ask God for promotions at the work place, but do we know God can give us a company of our own? For those of us in campus, we usually ask God to help us pass the exams so as to avoid a re-sit. Little do we know that God is capable of granting us an A. Set your mind on higher things, Colossians 3:2 tells us.

One Biblical character that surely understood this principle was Elisha, Elijah’s assistant. When Elijah was about to join The Lord, he said to his assistant, “Ask what I shall do for you.”

Elisha didn’t even second-guess. “I want a double portion of your power,” he boldly told his boss. Here is a factoid you probably didn’t know: The Bible records twice as many miracles performed by Elisha than by Elijah. Why? Because he asked for it.

Why should we always ask for more? The answer is simple: So we can be a blessing to someone else. Instead of asking God for your daughter’s school fees only, why don’t you ask Him to grant you more money so you can sponsor an orphan as well? Don’t just ask God to help you pay your bills; ask him for more so you can be able to give more to the ministry. To me, asking for the bare minimum is a selfish way of living. Go beyond that little prayer and ask God for magnanimous things.

Each one of us has got that dream; that goal they hope to achieve. Your plans might sound grandiose to an extent whereby friends scoff at them. Ignore them and go before God in Prayer.

It is not enough to just think of your needs. It is not enough to just wish and hope that things will turn out according to plan. You have to ASK for it. Something magical and supernatural happens when you ask.

If you abide in me and my words abide in you, ASK WHATEVER YOU WISH, and it will be granted unto you”

John 15:7

By: Jowal Jones

Lukorito Jones

When I'm not busy chasing around stories for my quasi-journalism career, you'll find me dabbling in fiction and perfecting my deer-dancing and goat-screaming skills.


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  2. good lesson indeed n its so true.may God bless u n may He give us that kind of faith to nt worry of what we ask from Him

  3. Nyc 1…i lyk it.*

  4. This renders me inspired 🙂

  5. i did not see all thiz other preaching coming. u just have ua way of passing ua message. i love it. and thanks for the advice. il have it in mind. all the tym.

  6. your dad’s an exceptional guy; what you ask for is what you receive…cool!
    I agree with you; at the end of the day, it all comes down to faith. Great piece. Amazing as ever Mr. Jones 🙂

  7. That went straight to my heart. ….Standing ovation. Sounded much better reading it

  8. when you are are given..great insight I love this

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