30 minutes at the police station

There is always a first time for everything, right? Today was my first time to visit a police station, and to be more specific, a police cell. Let me tell you my 30 minute experience at the police cell.
I boarded the matatu opposite st.Peter’s, if any one of you knows where the place is. The fare from Town to Kiambu was quite fair (no pun intended) at 30 bob.  Sooner than later, we were cruising at neck break speed along Kiambu Road. But our peace and calm was cut short when an officer hailed the vehicle to a stop. As it is normal practice in Kenya, we expected that the officer would be given a little bribe and then we would continue on our journey. Little did we know that this officer was made of different mettle. Instead, the officer wanted to check if all the passengers had  their seatbelts on.  That was when each and everyone of us started to fumble for around their seat searching for the seatbelt. My American friends might find this odd, but it is a very abnormal practice in Kenya for passengers to put their seatbelts on. I mean who checks for seatbelts anyway?
The Typical Kenyan Police
The officer watched us for a moment as we helplessly felt around our seats for the belts. Then the realization hit us hard: THE VEHICLE HAD NO SEATBELTS! Without mincing his words, the stern officer made it clear to us that he was leading the matatu to Kiambu Police Station where we would all be remanded until Monday, when we would be arraigned in court on Monday. Staying at the police cell for 4 days!
Sorry I don’t have much time now, but join me tomorrow to find out what happened at the police station and how I managed to escape.

Lukorito Jones

Lukorito Jones is a columnist and correspondent with Kenya's leading newspaper, Daily Nation. He also dabbles in fiction works at times, hoping to be the next Stephen King. Sometimes he takes time out from writing to perfect his deer-dancing and goat-screaming skills.


  1. hey, its me, ashley. i think it is strange becasue in the U.S.A. there is always seat belts and you cant bribe a police officer

  2. You must be very lucky then. that's our dream country where cops and politicians don't harrass people for bribes. about road safety here, it's a whole other thing.

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