My longtime close friend, whom I’ll call Robert in this article, found himself in cupid’s chokehold during our sophomore year. I still recall how giddy he was the day he introduced me to Stella (not her real name).

“Now I see why you’ve wasted no time in ‘getting her inside your box’. Any guy will be swooning over such a pretty face,” I congratulated him when we were finally alone in our hostel room.

“I know she’s been blessed with countenance, but what I really like about her is her brain,” Robert replied.

“What are you planning to do with the brain?” I had joked.

My pal remained faithful (at least to my knowledge) and things progressed smoothly until early this year when I noticed discord brewing between the lovebirds. I had an option of minding my own business but I didn’t take it. When it came to relationships, Robert and Stella were my model couple. While my relationships tend to blossom and wither within a couple of months, theirs had stood the test of time over two years now. They made me believe that true love can actually exist. No, I wasn’t going to sit back and watch my model couple call it quits.

The erstwhile lovers could not see eye to eye, so I had to set up a surprise meeting that I intended to moderate. I can help remove whatever it is that is cracking this union, I psyched myself.

Robert stormed out immediately he noticed Stella’s presence. I skedaddled after him and begged him to stay. “Whatever it is we can find a solution,” I pleaded.

“She killed our baby!” Robert shouted, attracting the attention of onlookers. “She killed our baby and I’ve got nothing to discuss with that murderer! Now you go back in and ask her to say hello to the devil when she gets to hell!” He thundered as he tromped away.

Clearly, I had bitten more than I could chew.

Over the next two hours, I sat listening to Stella’s side of the story and wrestling with my conscience on matters abortion.

“I love him, I really do. I’m going through a tough time and what I need now is for him to be my person. Instead, he keeps telling how he hopes I burn in hell as though I’m a serial murderer. He has even threatened to have me arrested!” She said. “If I were to have that baby, I’d have dropped out of school meaning I’d lose my scholarship. There’s nothing as bad as having a child but always looking at it and feeling as though it delayed your life and career aspirations. Right now I just don’t have the time, money and emotional energy to raise a child.”

“And how do you feel regarding the abortion?” I quizzed.

“You’d think I’m feeling guilty or ashamed, but no. As a matter of fact, I feel relieved. It’s my life to live and it is my body. I made a choice that seems right to me. I’m hoping Robert can understand that we can have a baby sometime in the future, but just not now.”

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