Fawzia Aaliyah Salleh

Fawzia Aaliyah Salleh

So Jowal Jones believes I can become a writer and even invited me to do a guest post on his website, though I’m constantly questioning my use of prepositions, punctuation, and whether words like ‘but’ can be used at the beginning of a sentence.

Honestly I have no idea how to start this.

I’ve always said (believed) that it is impossible to find all the qualities I want in a man, packaged in one man who happens to be sat somewhere waiting for me. I’m old enough to know the world doesn’t work like that. So I really don’t give much thought to this proverbial ‘man of my dreams’.

Anyway I’ve had to dig deep so, here goes;

The man of my dreams. This man should have a good, well paying job. Before you judge me, I didn’t mean to sound materialistic. Although we all know love won’t pay the bills. And that’s just if he impresses me enough to move in with him. If we live apart though, he should be able to take care of himself. Which brings me to my next trait. A man who knows how to take care of himself will always be clean and neat. I want a clean, neat man. A man who will not rest easy if his house is a mess. A man who will not expect me to take care of him as if I was his mother. Clean up after him, cook and clean every single day, wash…no.

man_of_my_dreams_mug-r85cac0a29ec9428b8a0ad3ca29495441_x7jgr_8byvr_324Now away from all that, (I realize I’m beginning to sound bitter like Njoki Chege), I want a good man. A man who is caring and sharing, a man who values his family, respects and has a close, healthy relationship with his mother. (He should not idolize her and follow her blindly though because then, we’re gonna have a problem. If it’s me he is idolizing though, that’s okay). I want a man who will understand me and my occasional mood swings. He should let me win arguments (most), he should know how to talk to me and exactly what to say in an argument. One who will place me on his chest and hold me, then kiss my forehead when I’m acting crazy. I am a sucker for those forehead kisses. I want a man who will tell me I’m beautiful every day (or often, I can never get tired of hearing that), a man who will still find me desirable even in the sorriest of states. I don’t want a man with many exes. I want a man who will be so horny for me, and only me. I want a faithful, loyal man. He should never give me a reason to be insecure because even just thinking it makes me crazy. I’ve always said, the worst thing a man can ever do to me, is cheat. So I take this loyalty thing pretty seriously. He should also be afraid of me..afraid that if he cheats, I might bleach all his clothes or something like that. He should be very afraid.

I love gifts, so I want a man who will surprise me with gifts, and not just on my birthday (side note, of course I want a man who will remember my birthday). Because of my competitive nature, I will get him a better gift so if he is smart, he should gift me often. The man of my dreams should also make me want to be a wetter woman. I mean better (wink). I need a man who will believe in my abilities. A man who will push me to do better. One who will believe in my dreams and my ambitions, maybe even fund them. LOL I digress. For that, he needs to be a man who knows what he wants from life. A man with goals and dreams that he pursues, as he pushes me to pursue mine. A man who will cheer me on. One who will be happy with my successes.

I want a whole lot of other things in the man of my dreams but that is x-rated stuff. Haha. Fin.



Fawzia is your average 21 year old girl trying to get through life; opening up to new experiences. Although the first impression people get is that she’s a snob of sorts, she’s really one of the nicest people in Africa. She doesn’t have a real talent yet (and this bugs her everyday because her elder brother has many so he challenges her) although she’s always wanted write. Fawzia loves her family and talks about them a lot. Her zodiac sign is Taurus. She believes in the mystical world, she believes in luck, she believes in love, she believes in soul mates she believes in God.

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  1. Nice article and I’m not saying that because you just described me.

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