ImageIs it really possible to find true love online? I set out looking for an answer to this question and got varied responses.

First came the lamentations about online relationships that have gone awry. Sebastian, a 22 year old Kenyatta University student, was utterly against the idea of dating someone via the internet. “I can’t trust I’ve never met. Some girls might lie to you that they’re schooling in reputable institutions but in reality, the closest they’ve come to academic achievement is by passing numerous pregnancy tests.” Complained Sebastian

Rosemary, 21, is another cynic who insists that the notion that love can be found a click away is a fallacy. “There’s not enough beer in the world to make me fall in love with a man I plucked off from Facebook. They all turn out to be creeps and are only interested in sex,” She asserted.

But even with all the skepticism associated with online dating, many people are turning to dating and social media sites such as Facebook with a hope of finding their better halves. Though some couples are reluctant to admit that they met on the web, a few are proud of the fact and they readily share their experiences. Nancy, a 25 year old waitress for instance, is already engaged to a guy she met on a social media site; “As long as both of you don’t lie about who you are, online dating can work really well,” She advises.

Online dating has been around for eons, ever since the internet made it possible for two people to communicate. It is a convenient alternative for people who are not enthralled by the idea of visiting pubs and clubs in order to meet prospective lovers.

One thing that makes online affairs worth a squat is the fact that most dating websites have databases which match you to a partner with same interests as you. Plus, looking for love online is more or less like shopping in a supermarket- you get to choose from a variety of suitable mates.

Just as with proximal relations, online love requires absolute honesty. Use your real photos in your profile. Don’t lie about your looks, weight or complexion. If you do, they will get disappointed with you on the first date. It is not your looks that will make them leave you, but lying about it. Again, only a certified fool would tell their potential partners that they’re brain surgeons, while in real sense they are jobless.

I would encourage everyone who wants to find love on the internet to go for it. However, if you opt for this means, kindly exercise a lot of caution. Who knows? Maybe, just like Nancy, your soul-mate can be found just a click away.

Lukorito Jones

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