ImageLove is the spice that adds flavor to our humdrum lives; without it living would lose all meaning. It is worthwhile for each and every member of humanity to fall in love at least once in their lifetime. But how do you know you’re falling in love with someone and not just liking them? When entering the ocean of love, a wave of emotions will wash over you and leave you feeling light and wonderful. Which are some of these emotions?
One sign that cupid’s got you on the chokehold is that you become a communication addict to the other person. You aren’t naturally the chatty type but all of a sudden you find yourself eagerly waiting for their next call, checking out their last seen stamp on Whatsapp and grabbing your phone with alacrity every time it vibrates. And when conversations start, they just don’t cease.
They say no one’s perfect. However, during the first phase of love, this truism does not hold water. When looking through the goggles of amour, everything about the other person is just awesome and so perfect! Mundane things about them, like the way they pull back their hair, their choice of fashion, and even how they twitch their brows feels so sexy! There’s absolutely no way that they can have faults!
Most oft, cupid’s arrow leaves its victims in a state of trance, a strange kind of mesmerisation. When you’re with them, you hang on their every word. At times you catch yourself watching their eyes or their lips move… You could watch those lips forever! You become so fascinated just by being with them that at times you forget to actually listen to what they’re saying. When that happens, my dear, know that it must be love.
Does time stand still when you’re together? Do you just feel like there’s not enough time in the world that you could spend with them? Do you find it extremely hard to say goodbye when it gets late? If yes, then you better rush and change that relationship status on Facebook.
Romance will leave you feeling selfless, always thinking about the other person’s comfort at times in expense of your own. If they don’t communicate, you get worried that maybe they’re in trouble. If they stay out late you get overly-anxious. Even when shopping and you come across something cute, you’d rather buy it for them than buy something for your own. You just can’t help but put their needs before yours. Also, their pain becomes your pain, and you empathize a lot with them.
A surefire way of knowing you’re plunging deep into the waters of love is when your mind constantly wanders into the future, and that future has that person it. For instance, you imagine yourself going out to the movies with them, spending the weekend, or even holding your dream wedding with them. But when you start dreaming of having kids with the said person, then there’s no point of return!
Mood swings are a common characteristic of love. At times you find yourself over-excited, kissing the pillow, doing random dances when alone, and generally feeling like a room without a roof for unexplained reasons. Yet, that same person has the ability to make you over-depressed, even when they do something seemingly innocuous like not replying to your text in time or a minor communication breakdown that leaves you doubting your true feelings for them. When you experience these intense feelings because of one person, chances are you’re in love with them.
The most fool-proof way of knowing you’re in love? When reading through piece, you’ve been thinking of that one person all along.
But will your relationship last? Well, that’s a story for another day.

By: Jowal Jones

Lukorito Jones

When I'm not busy chasing around stories for my quasi-journalism career, you'll find me dabbling in fiction and perfecting my deer-dancing and goat-screaming skills.


  1. Nice one!!!! Most of it very true 🙂
    I like 🙂

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