ImageWho doesn’t appreciate the magical feeling of being in love? Love, God’s gift to humanity, is a cake so sweet that everyone is yearning to taste a piece of it; right? We all want to be overcome by feelings of warmth, care and affection, don’t we?

My opening paragraph may pass as simply rhetorical, with an assumption that all people take pleasure in affairs of the heart. However, that is not the case with everyone. There exist people who get suffocated at the mere mention of the relationships. Even when they’re lucky enough to be offered love, they will never take it with open arms.

One reason that causes people to be scared stiff of romance is fear of getting hurt. Such fear may stem from the fact that past relationships were fruitless frolics that never worked. Thus, such people wear disappointments from past relationships like hideous blings, thwarting them from ever experiencing the bliss of love again.  Such people fail to realize one vital nugget of wisdom: Wounds from previous relationships will never heal until the day you’ll experience the happiness of true love. Meeting someone new is the best remedy to forgetting an ex or overcoming the heartaches of a past relationship.

Don’t fall in love, you will get hurt. Although a false fabrication, gainsayers have gotten many people to believe this erroneous fallacy wholeheartedly. While it is true love might rub us the wrong way once in a while, this should never be the reason why you should pass on its many benefits.  Just because road accidents are rampant in Kenya doesn’t deter you from travelling, does it? Don’t be so afraid of getting hurt that you end up passing the chance of being happy. It is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.

In love, the pros outweigh the cons by far. Love not only puts in you in a better, more positive frame of mind, but also helps you to love and accept yourself. Next time when those fuzzy emotions show up, don’t try to suffocate them lest you want to miss out on the most wondrous thing ever! If you’re given a chance to be in love, by all means take it. No matter how much you’ve been hurt before, no matter how inadequate you might feel… Never let your fears triumph over love.


Jowal Jones,


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Lukorito Jones

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  2. I always say love is for the brave. In respect to that, I consider myself a top seed on the cowards list. When it comes to matters love I’m a real skeptic; but your right, we shouldn’t let failed relationships keep us from embracing love.

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