Love is considered by many as that special spoonful of sugar that sweetens life. It runs like a river between our hearts, quenching our souls’ thirst. However, sometimes in a blink of an eye, this life’s sweetener can metamorphose into a vile and sour concoction. The river of love can also dry up in an instant causing our hearts to become deserts. When that time comes and love is taken away, most people usually sink into a quagmire of hopelessness and depression. The million dollar question therefore is; how does one deal with a break up?

Separations can turn you into a ball of emotions. Don’t deal with these emotions on your own. Speak to your best friends about it, and you will find out that sharing your emotions is a remedy that can lessen your grief and make you feel better in less time. Get outside help if you must and if you can afford therapy; go ahead and call your counselor.

One dire mistake that most people make is dashing into another affair immediately after a breakup, hoping that their new-found affair will help them forget their ex faster.  Be wise; do not make that mistake. Rebound relationships rarely work out. It is better to give yourself a break. Most relationship experts recommend a minimum of three months.

They just told you that it’s over, and your heart has sunk into an all-time low. Now is the time to down your sorrows in that bottle of Bluemoon Vodka, right? No, you’re just lying to yourself. Drugs and alcohol only offer temporary solace; but that pain is bound to haunt you again later. Also by taking to drugs, you risk an addiction that might even cost you your life in the long run. Stay away from drugs while depressed.

Though you may be feeling like the world has just crushed on you and life has lost all meaning, it is always best to give yourself hope for a brighter future. Grieving forever will only hamstring you from living a happy life that you deserve.  You need to move on; this is not the time to let your once sweet dreams turn into nightmares. You have a whole life in front of you; do not waste it crying over spilt milk.

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