ImageAll relationships start with a bang. At the commencement of love, couples are all excited with each other and full of vibrant energy. However, as time goes by; the once vivacious flames of love are reducing to just glows and before you know it, the union becomes flat and cold.

Why do couples lose their spark in love? As a relationship progresses, lovers become overly familiar with each other. In the process, they start taking each other for granted. He used to buy you flowers, but now it seems like he doesn’t care anymore. She used to prepare sumptuous meals for you after work, but somewhere along the way she got tired and nowadays prefers ordering takeaways. A romance-packed relationship now goes sour, as both couples become content with ‘just getting by.’

Relationships are meant to be fun. Even if it might seem like there is no hope, there actually is a way you can bring back the wild passion and excitement.

Making time for each other is the first step in strengthening the bond. Many relationships go south because the partners are too busy struggling with commitments such as work and school that they relegate spending time together to the back banner.  Set aside time like say, every Sunday evening, to do something together or even go out for dinner or a movie. A vacation will work magic.

Another reason why your love might be going awry is due to a breakdown in communication between you and your partner. Reverse this by being open to each other. Overcome the distance barrier and call each other as often as possible. It’s amazing how exchanging simple love texts can get you all fired up and excited.

Perhaps your partner no longer shows much interest in you because you stopped taking good care of your body once you settled in and became comfortable in the relationship. You stopped working out and gained an awful lot of weight, you stopped dressing to kill, and you find making your hair too much of an effort because you have no one to woo. Remember, your partner got interested in you because of these things, so letting yourself lose will only make them lose interest.

How about getting intimate more often? Maybe the reason why your relationship is freezing is because of your laxity when it comes to bedroom affairs. Spice up your sex life and you will be amazed at how your union will transform for the better.

But even as you practice all this, always remember that relationships need work and effort. Always be on the lookout on what you can do to please your partner. It all boils to selflessness, commitment and sacrifice.

Lukorito Jones

When I'm not busy chasing around stories for my quasi-journalism career, you'll find me dabbling in fiction and perfecting my deer-dancing and goat-screaming skills.


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  5. It all boils to selflessness, commitment and sacrifice. well said and i totally agree with you. Thanks for great work you’re doing in making us understands relationships

    • You’re welcome Mike… And you’re right, it all boils down to selflessness, commitment and sacrifice.

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