stock-vector-silhouette-of-an-attack-with-a-knife-man-and-woman-333963755If you’re an ardent follower of my column, you might recall that a couple of months ago my old man, Grandpa Richard, had vowed to throw his TV set out the window the next time any of my comrades shows up on primetime news.

Well, a fortnight ago he finally made true his pledge, but it wasn’t a gormless college student that had riled him up. The frail greybeard picked up the modest 40-inch telly that his grandson (yours truly) had bought him and sent it tumbling down from second floor, effectively landing on a skating comrade that had trespassed in his property.

I was firmly convinced that time was nigh for me to consign my old man to a nursing home, for he was clearly going ballistic and off his rocker. But that was until I learnt that his behavior was perfectly justified as he had switched on the news only to be met with the headlining story of a quack gynecologist who sedated his patients and then proceeded to rape them. (Read: BEST CAREERS FOR MODERN COLLEGE DROPOUTS)

Grandpa has now decided that 9pm news is simply not his cup of tea. His doctor agrees, adding that it comes way past my old man’s bedtime and almost always makes him vomit out his cup of tea from breakfast.

So when the disheartening news that a comrade had allegedly murdered his colleague in Nyeri headlined the news early this week, I chose to keep the old-timer in the dark and ponder upon it by myself.

The two university students, the TV reported, had been best of friends from their high school days. All appeared hunky-dory until the fateful day when they both drank one too many bottles. While inebriated, the varnish that had glazed a deep-seated rivalry came off, and they went hammer and tongs upon each other.

It was said that the altercation started over a bottle of beer. By the time it was over, one of the duo had sustained injuries on the head and neck; he lay as dead as a dodo.

Turning back our calendars to July, we find a student from a Rift Valley based institution who was attacked and stabbed to death by an ex-boyfriend. (Read: COMRADES, YOU ARE TOO YOUNG TO DIE FOR LOVE)

stock-photo-one-caucasian-couple-man-killing-woman-with-knife-in-silhouette-studio-isolated-on-white-background-123386416Further back is the wrenching tale of a student from a campus along Thika Road who was murdered during a house-party. It was reported that the deceased had been struck on the head with a beer bottle as he argued with a colleague over a girl.

If you were to look at the details of these murders dispassionately, you will come to a conclusion that alcohol usually leaves comrades generally behaving as though they were operating on strict instructions from the devil.

Let’s find a way of putting an immediate break to this insidious trend because if we don’t, we might find ourselves at a point whereby a comrade would gladly push another over a cliff and manage a callous laugh as they tumble to their death down the precipice.




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