My old man, Grandpa Richard, recalls in nostalgia the good old days when comradeship meant positive vibe and goodness to the entire country. In the halcyon days, university students were revered as they mapped the way on which the entire nation treaded. They often opposed evil and stood for what was right, and this made them paragons of virtue.
Today’s students, however, seem to be working harder than their alcohol-processing livers to consign the spirit of comradeship to the mortuary. They have become architects of malfeasance whereby they brew evil and engage in crime left, right and centre. Somebody must have been asleep at the switch to let the catastrophic and ruinous change happen among my comrades. No, I will not allow the spirit of comradeship go to the dogs—not without a fight. Grandpa Richard won’t let me.
An incident that happened the other day, where comrades ran amok and caused havoc both on Thika Road and in their school, comes to mind. A campus supremo had been barred from participating in university elections. His acolytes, who were not happy with the decision, decided that acting frenzied as though they had been possessed by demons was the best way to pass across their frustration. The result? Looting and destruction of property.
A visit to a court of law any day will reveal that a majority of comrades suffer from a thieving personality that psychologists refer to as kleptomania. Bank robberies, theft of neighbours’ chicken, the pinching of a cell phone, selling fake KCSE papers for quick money… All are crimes that appear to have my comrades’ fingerprints on them.
A little over a week ago, a nine year old schoolgirl was rescued by the police from the jaws of two reprobate comrades who had abducted her. The first-year university students, devoid of even a scintilla of moral scruples, had snatched the child on her way to school and were demanding five million shillings as ransom from her parents. Grandpa Richard tripped on his cane and poured hot tea on himself upon viewing the news clip on telly.
Before Grandpa could recover from the fall, yet another comrade made headlines for attempting to kidnap a three-year old girl. The suspect had even gone ahead to demand three million shillings as ransom from the child’s mother. Surely, what do these comrades smoke?
“The problem with your generation is that you shrink from hard work and prefer cutting corners,” explains Grandpa. “You live for immediate gratification and if money cannot be made in less time than it takes to inhale a puff of marijuana, you’d rather resort to crime.”
It is high time we vanquished the menace. If the trend goes on, soon wananchi will be afraid to be anywhere near university graduates for fear of being stoned, kidnapped, getting pick-pocketed, catching stupidity or worse.
When you cannot tell the difference between a comrade and an escaped criminal psychopathic patient, where is our country headed to?

Lukorito Jones

When I'm not busy chasing around stories for my quasi-journalism career, you'll find me dabbling in fiction and perfecting my deer-dancing and goat-screaming skills.

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