_82143358_03a6eb90-ea36-43ae-9222-5677dcfce209The previous week has seen my comrades’ moral fibre come under heavy scrutiny from a number of sources.  Instead of opening books and spreading knowledge, my comrades of the fairer sex have run the gauntlet of social media for allegedly opening legs and spreading syphilis, once again. The campus diva narrative has experienced a plot twist with ‘sponsors’ being cast in place of the now old-fashioned sugar daddies. It is flesh trade reloaded, I tell you. But that’s none of our business, as this week Grandpa Richard and I have bigger fish to fry.

I have always been of the opinion that terrorism is an invention of aliens from foreign countries who are hell bent on ensuring our beloved nation does not prosper. I have also been of the view that terrorists are just but ignorant uneducated dim-wits who make up for their lack of brains by massacring innocent people. Only simpletons would ever get involved in such vile acts of carnage, right?

How wrong I was! My assumptions were rendered spurious when, after the Garissa attack, it emerged that the lead terrorist was not only a Kenyan, but also a university student. But being the optimist that I always am (I know most you will beg to differ), I convinced myself that maybe that was just but one isolated case.

That was until earlier this week when the National Counter Terrorism Centre dropped a bombshell—a real doozy. Its report, read out by its director Isaac Ochieng, cemented the popular notion that some of my comrades are bad news wrapped in an obituary and smothered with sociopathic blood lust.

According to Mr. Ochieng, a good number of university students are in Al-Shabaab’s payroll. “This is so wrong and evil in many levels,” says my old man, Grandpa Richard, who is beyond disgust with the damning revelations.

garissa-universityThat university students are putty in Al-shabaab’s hands is something that has left me flabbergasted and flummoxed too. It indubitably proves that as a country, we are fighting a cancer that is quickly replicating inside our very own body. “The fox enters the homestead through the hole made in the fence by the family dog,” Grandpa Richard used to tell me.

What will drive a student to making a conscious decision to rat against his very own comrades to Kenya’s number one enemy? Are we so wicked that we did not learn a thing from the Garissa massacre? Are the lives of your compatriots worth trading for a hundred, or even a million, shillings a month? Speaking of the sum that you purportedly receive monthly from Al-Shabaab, what is its value in ancient exchange rates? Thirty pieces of silver?

For the comrades who have already made the mistake of sleeping with the enemy, it isn’t too late to repent and surrender the information you have to the police. You probably are in the Anti-Terrorism Police radar already, and there’s no good in having the sword of Damocles constantly hanging over your head.

To the rest of my comrades, I call upon you to uphold your integrity by spurning all overtures by Al-Shabaab and volunteering such information to relevant authorities.

Lukorito Jones

When I'm not busy chasing around stories for my quasi-journalism career, you'll find me dabbling in fiction and perfecting my deer-dancing and goat-screaming skills.

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