There appears to be a ubiquitous shortage of respect among my comrades. It is a generation that bears not even a squat of reverence towards their elders, the law or even vengeful God. Heck, they even don’t have self-respect! If this insidious trend keeps up, bad things will happen.

Grandpa Richard blames this on the outrageous shortage of fear among the youth. In the halcyon days, sprogs lived in a constant state of terror. “We were terrified of the police, scared stiff of our elderly neighbors and petrified by the mere cough of our dads,” Recounts the old man.

The way you address someone tells a lot about the esteem in which you hold them in. Today’s comrades will never use the terms ‘sir’, ‘madam’ or ‘mister.’ Instead, they’ll just blather out something asinine like Buda Mboss when speaking to senescent people old enough to be their parents. There’s a day I called Grandpa Richard mzae. We laughed and laughed and laughed and then I ended up in stitches—literally.

In ancient days, older people were seen as walking encyclopedias who knew a great deal about life and the society’s history. The youth of today however, think that they know it all. Perhaps they’re drawing from their extensive experience of deciphering the meanings of Chinese tattoos, copying from mwakenyas and baking weed cookies. The miscreants will always argue with everything a senior says, and then go ahead to do the exact opposite just to spite them. How cantankerous!

Growing up I always toed the line and kept my mouth shut even if I thought I knew better. Contradict Grandpa Richard? I may have been ignorant, but I sure as hell wasn’t stupid!

Respect laws of the land is also an aspect that’s foreign with my comrades. Take Mututho laws for instance—why on earth would a comrade drink at noon and pee on the neighbor’s dog? Apparently, that happens quite often with these college students. They will also steal from each other, hack government accounts on Twitter and commit a plethora of atrocious crimes which portray a total lack of respect for our constitution.

Let’s not forget how they disrespect motorists by showering their windscreens with stones like confetti every time they (the comrades) feel like letting off some steam.

Some comrades take the pernicious behavior farther by extending the disrespect to God. That’s a crop of flaming heathens whose only religion is inebriation. They wouldn’t go to church; they’re always hangovered. And if they do, then they’ll spend the entire time chatting with the-devil-knows-who on Whatsapp. Such people deserve to be clobbered with the Old Testament, Grandpa says.

It is a generation bereft of self-respect too. Why would someone walk around with the hemline of their trousers around their knees? Why would someone hate themselves so much to the extent of piercing their genitals? What of their unbridled fornication?

They’ve driven a firm stake through the notion of respect, that’s the problem with my comrades.


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