For a solid six months now, I have been chronicling my comrades’ problems running the entire gamut from fornication to laziness and even drug and substance abuse. Grandpa Richard and I have offered nuggets of wisdom here and there, but it all seems to be falling on deaf ears.

This, according to my old man, Grandpa Richard, is because my comrades are spiritually fractured. Indeed, methinks there is more than just an iota of truth in Grandpa’s assertion. Nowadays, institutions of higher learning have turned to cesspools of moral corruption that breed nothing but deadbeat dads and ladies who dish out HIV like confetti.

Our heads have become incubators of pervasive thoughts. Profane language, which mostly involves cursing God, is now the order of the day. Our lifestyle leads to all manner of social ills, reckless behavior and venereal diseases. Nefarious pornography and strip clubs have become as mainstream as skinny jeans, Mohawk coiffures and disrespecting one’s elders. All these point to a people that are spiritually six feet under.

ERR“When we were your age, the fear of God was our cynosure,” explains Grandpa. “Come Sunday at 9AM, everybody was firmly affixed to a pew, no matter how tired or hangover they were. Sadly, religion is not something to force down one’s throat anymore. Your comrades stay up all night engaging in stuff a pastor would frown upon and instead of confessing it in church the following morning, they’d rather sleep in, disrespect God, and follow Error Saidika on Instagram.”

Most comrades will only attend church if sacraments were replaced with weed cookies, wine was served in gallons and the preacher was Miley Cyrus.  The only scripture that my comrades relate to is where Jesus turned water into wine, as they are maestros in converting HELB loans to vodka overnight.  If this goes on, bad things will happen.

Churches around Kenyan campuses will shut down because of dwindling congregations. They will then be converted into night clubs where comrades will move in, partake in egregious behaviors, and gyrate to asinine ‘riddim’ music all night long.

The cynical ones will argue that religion is nothing but opium for the masses. That, according to Grandpa Richard, is a rogue argument for fools and simpletons. There is a lot a comrade might learn from visiting a house of worship, assuming the building does not burst into flames once he/she walks in.

But then again, let’s not be vague. Visiting a place of worship regularly does not necessarily mean one is religious. Moreover, being religious does not necessarily quantify the amount of morality in a person. All I am saying is that comrades should put a moratorium to their blasé attitude towards religion. Who knows? Maybe there is where they will find a refuge to all their problems.

Where basic commonsense and the laws of the land have failed, will religion succeed in arresting the downward spiral and restore sanity? I say we should all give it a try.

Lukorito Jones

When I'm not busy chasing around stories for my quasi-journalism career, you'll find me dabbling in fiction and perfecting my deer-dancing and goat-screaming skills.

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