A fortnight ago, the blogosphere was awash with the news that a degenerate comrade, oblivious of all notions of decency, privacy and morality, had released a dossier of 90 other comrades she had infected with HIV. Like every other person, I am tired of the sleaze that provides fodder to most of Kenyans blogs. I decided I will not waste an atom of my gray matter on such banalities, seeing that such stories usually crop up every now and then. “Sensational blogs garbage that amounts to nothing but yellow journalism,” I had remarked.
However, I began giving the story serious thought when comrades in campus started behaving like cats on hot bricks. The expose gave them the willies and made them quake in their boots so much that a good number could be seen camping at the dispensary with high-blood pressure.
Few days later, my old man, Grandpa Richard read about it in a reputable daily and it wasn’t April fools. I knew the dung had hit the fan when he called me breathing fire and brimstone. “Baloney or not, this is an ignoble act that cannot go uncondemned,” He said.
I know the claims, if true, lend credence to my oft-expressed assertion that my comrades fornicate with lots of moxie and determination. I mean, 90 comrades? What an achievement young lady! I will personally ensure it reflects as much in your eulogy.
However, lecherous or not, nobody is ever enthralled by the idea of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. That’s why I’ll cut the comrades who allegedly appeared on the girl’s list some slack; I find no pleasure in blaming the victim.
The lass in question claims she started distributing aids like confetti after a campus student leader infected her with the virus in her freshman year. She’s out on a revenge mission, determined to pull as many comrades as possible into her grave. That’s the pinnacle of human depravity, if you ask me.
I am no Justice Majanja, but I strongly believe sleeping with 90 people who don’t have the foggiest about your HIV status is punishable under an article in the law. It amounts to a flagrant violation of human rights, and authorities should investigate the veracity of her dastardly claims and bring the wench to book. She is as guilty as sin; guilty of murder. Don’t argue.
Young lady, what will you do when your bag of guilt gets heavier than you can carry around? It is not my position to tell whether you’ll be blessed or cursed at the end of your journey in life. What I suggest is that you come clean, and you’ll need more than just soap and water for that. You need to confess and come clean before the law, man and God.
Fellow comrades, I know this will sound as a broken record preaching to the choir, but please use protection—always. Because once you contract the disease, not even kamuti—the legendary Kamba sorcery—will save you.


Lukorito Jones

When I'm not busy chasing around stories for my quasi-journalism career, you'll find me dabbling in fiction and perfecting my deer-dancing and goat-screaming skills.


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