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After US President Barack Obama’s recent visit to Kenya, my old man, Grandpa Richard, was a jolly man. However, his hopes of leaving behind a better Kenya for his grandchildren have been dashed over the past few days.

His moods have nosedived from the tower of optimism to the basement of trepidation for the future of this country. Morals and decency have fallen  to such low levels that, if they were to sink any lower, they would strike oil.

And no, I do not mean the disgraced televangelist, James Ng’ang’a. God’s wrath is something that makes me quake in my boots.

Neither I’m I going to waste precious space discussing the “Mollis” clip. To be frank, that audio is the most appalling crap I’ve ever had the misfortune of listening to.  As former President Daniel arap Moi would say, such matters “do not add ugali on my plate.” (READ: DATE RAPE: AVOIDING THE MOLLIS TRAP)

What has rankled my old man that much happens to be the current trend among secondary school students who, just like my comrades, seem to have kissed all moral scruples goodbye.

It takes a brutish soul with no ethical compunction to set a dormitory ablaze just because he’s afraid to sit an examination. To say that Grandpa Richard was disheartened by the budding arsonists would be an understatement. My old man is no cry-baby, but seeing that three students died in a fire allegedly lit by their colleagues made tears well up in his eyes.


Then came news that 45 high school students had been arrested for allegedly holding the most profane jamboree inside a city bus, and Grandpa’s blood pressure soared.

What was even more flabbergasting was the eerie similarity between their pool-party on wheels and my comrades’ ubiquitous house-parties.

The Daily Nation reported that the juveniles were arrested for smoking bhang, drinking and having sex on a moving bus. Good grief! Didn’t someone tell the pubescent students that there’s a time and place for committing those three misdemeanours, and that time and place is college?

When a student died after consuming a lethal concoction, Grandma Sarah had to call in the paramedics to tend to my old man. The Form Four student allegedly consumed chemicals stolen from the school laboratory and then concocted in an effort to “manufacture liquor”. How did we find ourselves here?

Grandpa puts the blame squarely on my comrades. He says they have failed to provide a cynosure to a generation that looks up to them. “It is a case of monkey see, monkey do. The younger generation is simply aping university students. The results are the fruits of a poisoned tree, and they are deadly.”

Seems like the dogs have been lying down with the tots and now the tots have caught the fleas too.

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