A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how my comrades will do anything, even sip Countryman, just to get attention. Recently, a comrade vindicated me on national television. No, she did not imbibe the killer brew, although some might argue it would have been better if she had gulped the wretched liquor instead. This comrade of mine, enthralled by the idea of becoming (in)famous overnight and oblivious to the notions of commonsense, self-respect and morality, appeared on TV justifying her rank habits of dating men who are almost thrice her age.

“Until then, I had thought I had seen the worst your comrades have to offer,” Laments my old man Grandpa Richard, who has since offered to sell off his TV set next time a comrade of mine appears on the news. “What is this that drives students to commit such asinine transgressions?” He posed. “Is it alcohol induced madness or can it be that love has evolved to such despicable standards?”

Love? Last week I made it crystal clear that there’s nothing like love that exists between a pubescent comrade and a septuagenarian. (Read: They don’t understand romance, these comrades of mine) Voracious greed and utter lack of self-worth is more like it. Ours is a campus generation that thrives on breakdown of puritanical values.

All a campus chic is after by dating a chap old enough to be her ancestor is money. My comrades are allergic to hard work and they will quickly trade their morals for easy cash. In that news clip, the campus diva displayed her affluent apartment and went on to ramble about how her needs are well taken care of by these sugar daddies. What needs are those that can’t wait till you clear college and get your own job? What you really need right now is a moral compass, half a brain and a lick of self-respect.

So you trust your future to a chap who is about to drop dead the next minute? Why would you make such a bone-headed play? You’re in campus; you should be opening books and spreading knowledge. Not opening legs and spreading syphilis.

And appearing on national TV? That’s a humiliating failure that will only leave you with lots of egg on the face.

When reprehended, such comrades are always on the defense claiming that only God can judge them and we should mind own business. It is your own life, yes. But how am I supposed to mind my own business when you’re tearing my marriage apart? How am I supposed to mind my own business when my father, instead of paying my school-fees, uses his money to entertain you? How am I supposed to mind my own business when you’re exposing my family to HIV?

To campus divas out there, go sit somewhere in a corner and reflect on this: Would you be proud if your daughter did the same thing? How would you feel when twenty years from now, your husband deserts you for some campus damsel?



Lukorito Jones

When I'm not busy chasing around stories for my quasi-journalism career, you'll find me dabbling in fiction and perfecting my deer-dancing and goat-screaming skills.


  1. well said buddy. It is nt their own lives?no one owns life cz they are affecting us

  2. Haha…burn

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