being-human1The digital era is finally here with us. In its wake however, the migration debacle has wrecked havoc within Kenya’s soul, as opposed to the legion benefits we’d anticipated. It has violated every sacred principle about the right to information that the likes of Dedan Kimathi died for.
Watching the pantomime unfold, my old man, Grandpa Richard, couldn’t help but recoil at the eerie similarities between the migration fiasco and the generational change that has occasioned university students.
“In the halcyon days, when university students were highly revered as the light of the nation, it was foretold that a time will come when our contemporaries will become extinct,” narrates Grandpa. “In our place, a new age group who’ll be smarter and techno-savvy would emerge. Little did we know that by smarter, they meant our progeny would acquire the skill to copy paste school assignments from Wikipedia and by techno-savvy, what they actually meant was that they’ll have unsurpassed ability to download torrents of nefarious pornography from the internet.”
Though the greybeard and his ilk had anticipated a revolutionist generation, the marijuana-smoking coterie that currently roams Kenyan campuses is the exact antithesis. The digital comrades have miserably failed in upholding ideals like integrity, respect and hard work that were laid down by the comrades of yore. Instead, they have flushed all decent values down the toilet and retrieved horrible vices from the sewage. It’s a sad state of affairs.
But who is to blame for these travesties of ‘digital’ comrades that seem to be good at nothing other than drinking daily until the sky turns purple? Grandpa puts the blame squarely on the generational changeover process that was ill-informed and rotten to the core.
“Someone responsible for ensuring our youth turn out right fell asleep at the switch and hence gave rise to the current disaster,” the pensioner regrets despondently. “Acting on vested interests, the culprit left our offspring at the mercy of Eastern influences which inundated the youngsters with selfish foreign antics in complete disregard of home-grown ethos and social mores. Thus, what should have been a blissful transition process turned out like a grotesque lab experiment,” Grandpa further laments.
Some of you might be of the opinion that Grandpa Richard is a venerable relic of the past who is opposed to change—vanquish the thought. In fact, my old man is a card-carrying supporter of the new digital era. What he cannot condone is to see my comrades morphing into pugnacious stone-throwing students who spew hate all over social media just because someone who’s grossly impotent was in charge of directing them. Such a degenerate lot will only benefit a handful of equally rogue cyber cafes that double up as aviation colleges.
Despite being handed dystopia, Grandpa Richard still keeps the hope of utopia alive and is calling for more time to save the present generation. “All stakeholders need to come to the table and consult on how best to right what is now an awful digital error,” he opines.

Lukorito Jones

When I'm not busy chasing around stories for my quasi-journalism career, you'll find me dabbling in fiction and perfecting my deer-dancing and goat-screaming skills.


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