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avatar_1411925427494My real name is Lukorito Wafula Jones. Why call myself Jowal Jones? Well, that’s a long story, but I’ll give it a shot.

While growing up I harboured the dream of becoming a musician some day. The few of you who’ve heard a chance to hear my voice will pee on themselves with laughter, but it’s actually true. I had the best voice before puberty struck, when I accidentally swallowed a frog. Nowadays I sound like a broken guttural siren, hehe…

Now, musicians need to have cool name, right? I tried all anagrams of my name, and then one day a genie told me to combine the first letters of my name, and hence Jowal was born. It alliterated so well with Jones that when I first landed a job as a writer (a far cry from my childhood dream), the editor insisted on using Jowal Jones as opposed to my real name. Reason? She said it rolls off the tongue better, lol!

Writing is my metier. I’ve worked for several websites and publications both as an editor and contributor, but found a home in Daily Nation, the second largest publication in Africa. Catch my highly entertaining and scintillating column, Comrades, in the ZuQka pullout every Friday.

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