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Coffee break:

While scrolling through my blog, you may notice what may appear as words. You’ll see them nestled in sentences and ensconced inside paragraphs.

But don’t let that fool you, those are not words, even though they may appear as so. What you’re actually reading is a complex mix of coffee and my very own soul—You’d be surprised how an expansive vocabulary is formed when you mix the two. But of late my eyes have become hollow, my body is growing cold, my voice is now mechanical… I am pretty sure it’s not my soul that’s leaving my body.

What’s causing the lifelessness is the limited amount of coffee. Every week I have to make one very tough decision: To either use coffee to make words that you enjoy reading or to drink it and stay awake so I can sustain my writing and this blog. It’s a choice I’d rather not make so…

Buy me a coffee!

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